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Full Version: [CA11] Wind speed not reporting correctly
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I have an ST60 wind angle, wind vane, RC530 at nav station, RL70C Plus at helm, and tridata.

At anchor, when I first provide power, after the start up dashes go away, the wind angle instrument shows what appears to be correct velocity with blinking pixels under True and App. After a few seconds the pixel under either True or App goes solid and the velocity shown reduces to zero. For example it might show 14, then 6.3, then 4.2, then 0.0. This is reflected on the MFDs.

The wind angle needle shows correctly as does depth and speed on the tridata. Of course at anchor speed is zero.

Electrical signals from the wind vane appear reasonable.

The wind angle and depth show on the MFDs.

As I write this I am thinking that the speed data is not making it to the wind angle instrument and so it is failing to 0.0 wind speed instead of assuming the boat speed of 0.

When underway the results are the same.

Any other ideas about the issue or additional tests to make?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Harry,

When at anchor or dockside, it is recommended that the instrument be configured to display apparent wind. Should no wind speed be reported and the wind vane's anemometer be rotating, then it would be recommended that wind vane be tested. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the masthead wind transducer.

Q. I saw that FAQ and was hoping to avoid going up the mast. Looks like that is next.
A. There would be no need to climb the mast unless a failure was detected during execution of the masthead wind transducer test. Testing is performed at the instrument.
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