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Full Version: [CA11] Can you add a internet browser function to LH3 for Axiom?
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I know LH3 (LightHouse 3) has internet connection so we can register our Mavic Pro drone and user your app to watch Netflix, listen to music in Spotify.

Can you also add an internet browser app or function as soon as Axiom MFD is connected to an internet access point like our iPhone or mobile hotspot?

It would gives us awhole lot of values for Axiom MFD.
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Thanks. Excellent, didn’t know we can watch YouTube, Amazon Prime videos already by a few simple tweaks in the Axiom MFD.

Kudos to Raymarine for a well thought product.

I made a YouTube tutorial video to help Axiom/Axiom Pro owners like me who are less techy.


Thanks again.
You're welcome.
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