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Full Version: [CA11] Can I use A80308 Quantum Radar Adapter Cable
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My boat currently has a 2007 vintage 4kw 24" Raymarine Radome on software version v20.25 with unit serial number 0570052 (manufactured May 2007). The MFD display is a Raymarine classic E80.

This radome is inoperable with magnetron heater failure status.

To replace it I purchased a new Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" (model E70210R 18” Radome with Wi-Fi and ethernet, 10m power cable included). At the same time I am also upgrading the display to a Raymarine eS98 at the helm. The boat already has a functioning SeatalkNG backbone.

Pulling new power and data cables will be a major undertaking.

Can I use the Raymarine A80308 Quantum Radar Adapter Cable with my setup and leave the original 4kw radome cable in place in the mast?

Assuming I can use the adapter cable, how do I use the original radar cable with my new eS98? I assume I will be plugging the Q24C into the old harness up the mast but cutting and splicing wiring at the eS98-side of the install.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rudy,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing radomes which would have been compatible with the E-Series Classic MFDs. Should you examine the radome's serial number cable, I suspect that you will find that its product ID is E52080 or M92652-S. If so, then please note that these radomes featured an analog video interface and the radar cable would have been connected to the RADAR socket on the MFD's power/interface panel. Quantum radomes, as well as all open array pedestals and cabled radomes currently manufactured by Raymarine instead feature an Ethernet interface. Accordingly, the currently installed radar cable would not be cable of being used for anything other than supplying power to the radome. The latter would be accomplished by splicing the power and drain leads of the currently installed radar cable to the Quantum Power Cable. The plug located on the MFD end of the currently installed radar cable would then be removed to permit the cable's power leads to be connected to a switched 12VDC Power Circuit and drain lead to be connected to the vessel's bonding cable. Communications with the radome in this case would need to be via Wi-Fi.

If seeking a cabled interface to the radome, then it would be necessary to replace the currently installed analog radar cable. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Thanks for the clarification.
You're welcome.
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