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Full Version: [CA11] TackTick NMEA GPS to MFD to ST1000+
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Setup: TackTick 110, 111, 112, Fluxgate, MicroTalk, A-Series, ST1000+

I have added a 122 NMEA Interface and connected a GPS (Evermore). GPS data will be shown at the Displays but not in the A-Series MFD. Was a redundancy idea.

All other TackTick Data will be shown in the A-Series.

I want(ed) to connect the ST1000+ to the NMEA Out of the 122 Interface and control the ST1000 by the A-Series. So the dataflow will be a-series - microtalk - (TackTick - microtalk) - T122 - St1000+.

Any suggestion?

Cheers, Peter
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Peter,

Which model of "A-Series" MFD do you own?
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