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Full Version: [CA11] Connect Yanmar 3JH4E to SeaTalkng Network
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I was wondering how I can connect my Yanmar 3JH4E engine to my existing Raymarine SeaTalkng network to display the engine stats on my Axiom 7 and 9 networked displays. I see there is an ECI-100 but I don't see my engine listed in the list of compatible engines.

If I can connect this engine, what will I need, how will it be done and what type of data should I expect to see?

How old is the subject Yanmar engine?
Hi Chuck, it is a 2005/2006 model. The boat is a 2006 but it was built in 2005.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the ECI-100 is not compatible with this engine. Other engine gateways to consider would be Maretron's J2K100 or possibly one of the engine gateways from Yacht Devices.
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