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Full Version: [DG11] Raytheon ST60 Tridata depth problem
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I'm new to this forum and i tried to search for similar problem but couldn't really find one. The problem is that i purchased an old Raytheon st60 Tridata and also brand new transducers for that. (ST800 and P7) Log information is ok (speed and temp) but Depth shows only three dashes (---) The transducer is ticking but in my opinion it is ticking more loudly when i connect it to ST60+ Tridata instrument where it gives a depth reading ok. Could it be that the transducer is not suitable for the older instrument or do you have another solution? As far as i see both Speed and Depth are set as masters in the instrument. With both instruments connected together and old ST60 set as depth slave (setting: no) it shows depth from st60+.

Best Regards,

Jani Eriksson
HI jaerikss

Thank you for your enquiry.

Generally the transducers are interchangeable, however, it is possible the older ST60 is not operating at full power, hence the lack of performance, also are you testing these in water?

Thank you for the fast response. Yes, I was testing the instruments in a bucket of water. The assumption about the power is probably right because i can hear the difference in ticking sound also. I Should test the instrument in open water now. Unfortunately it's still middle of winter here in Finland. Any suggestions how to test it any other way?

Hi jaerikss

Thank you for the feedback, testing in a bucket of water is not usually successful. You can try to reflect the depth signal off a flat glass panel, held about 1m away from the transducer, the angle must be correct to reflect the signal back to the transducer, the depth reading will be wrong due to the operation in air, but it will give you confirmation the transducer and display are working.

The FAQ in this link here will give further information on the test and service method recommended.


Hi again,

I tested the instrument yesterday in the sea and got no reading, although i could hear the clicking sound when close to ear. Again, the st60+ tridata was working ok, so the transducer works. As mentioned, the transducer is P7. Is it possible that it doesn't work with a Raytheon st60 instrument? If so, what kind of transducer should work?

/Jani Eriksson
HI Jani,

To be honest, I would suggest the ST60 display is defective and not reading the pulses back from the Tx. The new transducers should work fine with older displays.

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