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Full Version: View Pitch & Roll Data on MFD
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i noted that the Evolution autopilot is broadcasting Pitch + Roll data on the Seatalk network. Is there a way to display this data on the MFD or instruments?
It doesn't output pitch data, but it does output roll. You can put that information up on the MFD as a databox called Tilt.
I confirmed with "N2K Analyzer" That the EVO autopilot is indeed reporting (accurate) pitch data. However I can't seem to display this on the MFD. Your reply stated that pitch was *not* being sent, but it is indeed in the N2K data package. If the i70 doesn't support displaying it, can you please add a feature request? It would seem to be a very simple add.

While I don't recall any recent requests for pitch data, probably because it would be a constantly changing value due the sinusoidal nature of ocean waves, your feature request has been logged accordingly to be considered for inclusion within a future a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update as well as well as within future MFD designs.

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The logic for including it (regardless of wave fluctuation) it is that it would greatly assist in balancing weight distribution in the boat as the manufacturer (in my case) states a 4 degree optimal pitch at cruise, would be helpful to see based on load and trim tab position what is the actual value.
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