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Full Version: [CA11] External GPS to legacy e-series e80
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Hi all,

An external GPS is failing on an e80 MFD. The GPS is currently spliced then sent to the Seatalk/Alarm input. The gps antenna currently installed is no longer available, question is what are my options here?

I'm assuming these are valid?
1.) any gps which outputs sentences in NMEA2000 and plug into the display's seatalk2 plug (which i am assuming is a standard NMEA2000 (devicenet) plug ?)

2.) any gps which outputs in NMEA0183 and splice to the R08004 cable (no longer available I believe)

3.) Any gps antenna again with NMEA0183 and splice to E55054 which goes into the unit's seatalk/alarm plug

could I use the RS150 GPS Sensor from Raymarine and retrofit it somehow to go into the seatalk2 plug at the back?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum

Q1. The gps antenna currently installed is no longer available, question is what are my options here?
A1. When operating with the final E-Series Classic MFD v5.69 software update, these MFDs were compatible with:
- SeaTalk GPS data sources (as you have indicated, Raymarine no longer offers GPS sensors supporting SeaTalk communications)
- SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 GPS data sources ... please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
- 4800 / 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 GPS data sources via the R08004 MFD NMEA 0183 Cable (no longer available).
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for that.

So looks like option 3 you have mentioned would best. However the raystar 30 is now inactive. Do you know what the currently available GPS with seatalkng is?

It's actually option #2 that recommended and the referenced FAQ addresses how both the RS130 and RS150 would be interfaced to the MFD. The RS150 has replaced the RS130 and installs identically to the RS130.
Hi Chuck,

Yes i meant option 2, but you spotted that.

Thanks again for the help.
You're welcome.
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