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Full Version: [DG11] Enable ST60+ Tridata Repeater Alarms
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I have an ST60+ Tridata which is connected to my A70d via the Seatalk to Seatalk ng converter.

I am trying to enable the alarm on the Tridata but cannot work out how to do this. I appreciate that I cannot change the alarms on the Tridata but I cannot seem to enable them.

As I cannot easily see the display from the tiller whilst I am aware that there is an alarm I would like the Tridata to continually alarm until I am back above the shallow threshold.

Is this possible?

(The Tridata is the dedicated repeater, ie it does not have connections for the transducers).

Hi garethreynolds

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Tridata repeater cannot be used to enable or disable alarms, this can only be done on the master display which is connected to the depth transducer.

Our current product offering AXIOM allows for an external STng alarm to be connected and this can be configured to sound a shallow alarm.


Hi Derek,

I'm trying to find an ST60+ Tridata (A22013-P), but these are seemingly hard to find in a good condition these days. ST60+ Tridata Repeater (A22017-P) is easier to find, so my questions are:

1: As I have an iTC-5 (E70010) and a SeaTalk-STng Converter (R52131) on the backbone and my Triducer (DST800) connected to the iTC-5 (see attached), would an ST60+ Tridata Repeater (A22017-P) work like it is feed by an A22013-P master?

2: Does the ST60+ bezel (A25001-P) fit on the ST60 Tridata (A22013), and if so, would it have any difference from an ST60+ Tridata, except from the yellow "+" is missing on the front?

Hi Soren,

The only way to calibrate the depth and speed connected to an itc-5 is via an i70 display, the tridata repeater will only repeat the data but not allow you to input depth offset, speed calibration, depth alarms etc . . . .

So as per your question, the tridata repeater will repeat the data sent via the converter.

The bezels are not interchangeable.

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