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Full Version: [DG11] Raymarine upgrade
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We have a 2011 sessa with e120 w
260 e vhf

Can you recommend an upgrade to he newer versions available possibly with wiring diagram also new radome
HI Ratkins

Thank you for your enquiry.

We would suggest replacing the C120W with AXIOM 12PRO, there is an adapter plate A80531 to enable the AXIOM 12PRO to fit into the space vacated by the E120W

The ST6002 control unit can be replaced with a p70s, the rest of the autopilot update will depend what version you have currently installed and what drive unit you have, but in principle, you will update to an Evolution autopilot, with EV1 sensor, ACU drive controller.

The ST40 could be updated to an i40 or i50 and the RAY260 updated to a RAY90.

If you can be more specific about what you have installed onboard ( for example type of autopilot, single helm station or dual, etc . . .) as well as how it is connected currently, we can be more detailed in how the updated equipment can be installed.


Hi Derek

Thanks for the response.
I have twin Volvo ips 600. I’m picking the boat up in the next few weeks , it’s a 2011 sessa c48. Not sure on all models of equipment. It’s a single helm Has radar
The equipment is 8 years old so basically I’m thinking of upgrading to new equipment.
Basically after advice on new equipment I presume that the cables will all need replacing
Hi Ratkins

Thank you for the feedback.

Current ips systems can interface through to the EV2 Autopilot system, enable the Autopilot to operate the IPS pods like drive-by-wire, it would depend on the connection to the NMEA2000 backbone of the engines, likely better undertaken by the local Raymarine agent.

Based on the AXIOM MFD connected through NMEA2000/ STng, the rest of the installation could also be networked via STng and so a new cabling network to interconnect the equipment would be needed.


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