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Full Version: [CA11] EV100 & old wind vane - via ITC5
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I've got an EV100 installed with a P70 display and I recently bought an ITC5 in order to get older data's running on the main screen (P70).

So far Depth is shown ok on the P70 screen but I got trouble on the windvane. The led on the box is ok (as for depth) but the display is showing No wind nor any direction it just display -.-.

The windvane is alledgedly from a ST60+

I'll try to check with the procedure that the windvane works properly (found on the forum a thread about how).

But eventually : am I missing something ? Like is there necessity to have a separate display wich will convert the signals or the P70 is suppose to be enough via ITC5 ?

Have a nice day
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jerry,

Should the wind vane be interfaced to an iTC-5, then the system must additionally feature an i70S/i70 Multifunction Instrument Display (MFID). The MFID is responsible for calibration of the wind transducer.
Thank you for your answer,

Would an I40 dedicated to wind work too ?

I'll check the windvane for sinals and then investon one of these solutions.

Q. Would an I40 dedicated to wind work too ?
A. Negative. The masthead wind transducer is designed to be interfaced to an i60 Wind instrument or to an iTC-5 Analog Instrument Converter. As indicated within my earlier response, should the wind transducer be interfaced to an iTC-5, then the system must feature an i70S/i70 MFID.
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