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Full Version: C125 Navionics chart issue
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Hello chuck
I have a issue when using the navionics sonar charts in my C125
even selected show all contours and chert density im maximum detail I have only 4 meters contours, the Navionics boat HD APP show .5 metrs contours in shalow water.
Running the R16 yet (waiting the R17 anxiously)

charts are updated (navionics Platinum + R909P)

contours in mobile app

[Image: ekgaelfncgeljagn.png]

in my C125
[Image: benjcfeihlcgajmp.png]

charts are updated using the sonar logs of my CP470/B175LH

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Antonio,

Have you configured the Chart Selection setting (MENU->PRESENTATION->CHART SELECTION) of the Chart application page/pane being viewed to SONAR CHART?
Yes Chuck
and selected show all contours and maximum density

[Image: Dump017.png]

[Image: Dump0021.png]

perhaps this bug is fixed now with the R17

The images within your last post clearly indicate that the MFD's Chart application has been configured to display Navionics Sonar Charts and is displaying the associated detailed bathymetry when operating in coastal waters. However, should this setting not permit detailed river bathymetry, then it is likely that the problem may be rooted within the data stored on the Platinum Plus R909P, as we have verified that detailed river bathymetry is displayed within Platinum Plus chart card check in our facility. Please note that each Chart application page/pane is designed to be individually configurable with respect to the type of cartography displayed. As such, it is recommended that you verify that the Chart application page/pane of the river being viewed has been configured to view Sonar Chart. If so, and the problem persists, then it is recommended that Navionics Product Support be contacted to test the problem within an a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD system within their facility.
I will update again the Platinum Plus R909P trought the NAvionics APP

You're welcome.
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