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Full Version: [CA11] Routing - auto-helm challenge
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When attempting to activate the auto-helm on a route stored on my plotter, after having passed the first waypoint, I experience that the auto-helm abruptly turns the boat around to go back to the route's first waypoint.

That also happens after the system has been shut down, for example after a night on on the hook, and I want to continue on the same route the next morning.

Since this abrupt action may cause dangerous situations, I assume that that there must be a solution, ie. that the problem is caused by my ignorance and not a fault in the system.

Your help will be appreciated.

E90W with ST 6001
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Viben,

The most common cause for the reported problem is that the route stored within the reversed order from that which you believe it is. Each time that the operator commands a route to be reversed, the route is saved in the new sequence. Accordingly, before following a route, it is recommended that the Route's Details be reviewed to ensure the correct sequence and if not, command that it be reversed. Also, when following a route, many will have the first and last waypoints of a route be at the docks where the vessel will depart from and arrive. Should this be the case, then the operator must command the route to be followed before leaving the dock or use the Advance Waypoint feature to advance the waypoint to the first waypoint of the route that will be tracked to.
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