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Full Version: EV1 Sensor core
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Just starting mounting parts of the EV-100 AP, I'm wondering if my electric trolling motor will effect the core sensor both will be mounted in the bow, the trolling motor itself hangs out past the bow, and the core sensor will be back close to 3' will that be enough ?
Thank you Ray
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rtsplace,

Magnetic north seeking devices such the EV-1 Sensor Core should be located at least 3' from electric motors and other devices featuring magnets (speakers, relays, etc.), ferrous materials, and high current carrying conductors, as these items produce magnetic fields. In situations such as you have described, it would be recommended that the EV-1 Sensor Core be installed in a temporary manner in intended location and that the vessel then be operated with the equipment on to permit the EV-1 sensor core to determine the maximum sensed deviation.

The new Evolution autopilot system does not have a specific Seatrial calibration, you are to do the Dockside Wizard, then take the boat out for a 15-20 minute cruise, doing a few circles and figure 8's to show the system all the points on the compass rose, keeping the speed between 3-15 knots. While out on the water, press Menu>Setup>Diagnostics>About Pilot, scroll to the very bottom of the page to look at the Deviation. If it is within 15 degrees, you are done. If not, then you should seek and alternate location for the EV-1 Sensor Core.
Do you have any recommended spots to locate on larger power boats? I have a Formula 37' PC and really don't know where to locate it near the helm yet be 3' away from possible interference.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

I don't have any specific recommendations for mounting locations on your hull. It is generally recommended that such sensors be located near the boat's center line and near amidships.
Thank you Ray.
You're welcome.
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