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Full Version: [CA11] RNS 6.1 - Windows 7 Display Issue/Crashing - E120
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Onboard PC running RNS 6.1 has been working great for 2 years and now the software will not display GPS Chart/Sonar/Video feeds visually, but is receiving the data in numerical format. In chart mode, the map starts to render and then program crashes and attempts to restart repeatedly (photo attached). The Radar mode however is fully functional, displays properly and program remains stable until you change to another mode.

Windows 7 is up to date and I'm assumed an update caused the issue, but after uninstalling updates to previous versions, still having same problem. Also tried reinstalling RNS 6.1 and even tried 6.0 with no luck.

Intel NUC PC - Windows 7
Raytech RNS 6.1
E120 classic - 5.69 firmware
Seatalk HS network

Any help would be very appreciated.


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sam,

Please note that it is generally recommended that RayTech RNS 6.1 be used with E-Series Classic MFDs. If operating with another version of RayTech software, then it is recommended that this version be installed. With regard to problems with Navionics cartography sharing, please indicate whether this problem began to appear following introduction of a new Navionics chart card to the system. Please additionally take a photo of the chart card(s) which are causing issues with the operation of the RayTech software. These photos should clearly permit all printing on the card's product label to be read.
I cannot trace the problem to the Navionics chart card as it was not removed or updated and the same display issue occurs with the Sonar and Video feed, only the Radar page functions correctly. I have other Navionics region cards I will test to see if the problem persist and will post a photo.

The backlights in the unit went out last year and were replaced along with the LCD screen by Max Marine Electronics, but the E120 itself is operating with no issues.

Could there be a display driver, aspect ratio change or video card issue that could cause problems in RNS? I did change out the touch screen to a Planar Helium PCT2235, but again not sure when this issue may have started over the last 6 - 8 months as the vessel was not in use.

Appreciate your time, thanks.

Q. Could there be a display driver, aspect ratio change or video card issue that could cause problems in RNS?
A. Negative. Unlike monitors, PCs running RayTech software communicate via Ethernet communications with the RayTech software. Most such crashes when viewing Navionics cartography are related to either an incompatibility with the chart card(s) being used or with the graphics/graphics driver of the PC. In the case of the latter, it would be recommended that hardware acceleration be configured OFF (FILE->SETUP->PERFORMANCE->USE MICROSOFT OPENGL) and that the system be tested with the RayTech software so configured.
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