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Full Version: [TG11] Navionics Sync: "Card Not Found. Check the plotter card slot and try again"
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Hi there,

I've been having issues lately syncing my phone/tablet to my dual AXIOM plotters.

I have purchased 2 Navionics cards one Platinum + and the other is Navionics plus.

When I insert either card into my primary AXIOM Plotter I can see the Navionics chart fine and it shows a valid subscription.

Issue 1: When I attempt to connect to the plotter with my Navionics up I receive an error "Card not found. Check the plotter card slot and try again".
I attempted to sync this with my tablet as well which has an active navionics subscription and I received the same error.

I have the same errors with both cards and both app devices (phone and tablet) so I can only assume its an issue with the plotter.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi benosio,

We've replied separately to your other contact.

I'd be curious to know what the resolution here was (can't find any other posts). I also had this problem a year ago and gave up, I did a lot of research and the best I could find was that Navionics and Raymarine had a falling out of some kind and the app no longer is synching with any Raymarine chartplotters.
Hello Rdubs and benisio,

One of my colleagues has pointed me towards a post that addresses this question in a slightly different way. I'd suggest having a look.

Here is a resolution to the issue that my tablet was actually creating. When addressed, it corrected the “card not found” problem.
Thanks again Nate!
Hey Tom,

Thanks, the new update has fixed the chart syncing issue!

However, now my Sonar chart live is buggy. It used to update in real time as I would go along however now it doesnt at all and the new map detail is only shown (and then sometimes reverted) when I zoom in and out. Have other users experience this issue?

Thank you
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