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Full Version: [CA11] Forward facing sonar
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I would like some type of live forward facing sonar like the Garmin Panoptix.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Basscattim,

The closest sonar imaging feature which Raymarine currently offers to provide imaging for fishing out to the sides of the vessel would be SideVision imaging. If mounted to a trolling motor, then the trolling motor could be rotated to display imaging in the desired direction. SideVision imaging supported by Axiom RV MFDs, Axiom Pro RVX MFDs, compatible MFDs which have been interfaced to a RVX1000, or products which have been interfaced to a CP200 SideVision Sonar module. The previously specified products would in turn need to be interfaced to a RealVision Transducer or CPT-200 SideVision Transducer. As Raymarine does not offer trolling motor mounts for these transducers, a custom mount would need to be fabricated.
Makes a lot of sense and I will have to think about how much I really want/need this feature.
Thanks Chuck
You're welcome.
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