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Full Version: [CA11] Wifi vs cable?
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I have recently purchased a Quantum 2 radar and been asking whether I should use wifi instead of running a cable. The universal answer is that a cable is preferred and the reason cited is interference when using the wifi connection.

Is this based on fact? Cabling introduces three connections into the link and connections are typically the weak spot with cabled systems.

My radome is approximately 25 feet from the MFD (which is under a bimini with solar panels).

If the wifi link is that weak or flaky, I'd like to know before I spend a fair bit of time running a cable (or not).

Surely there must be some actual experience out there?

Thank you,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chris,

One of the major advantages of Quantum and Quantum 2 radomes is their wireless communications interface. The key to ensuring reliable wireless communications is to ensure that adequate Wi-Fi signal strength from the MFD is measured at the location where radome will be installed. It is considered to be a best installation practice that this be determined before the radome is installed. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the measured Wi-Fi signal strength from the MFD be less than or close to the minimum recommended Wi-Fi signal strength, then it would be recommended the radome be cabled to the system. Weaknesses in cabled power/communications, particularly for Ethernet based communications, are uncommon unless the cables have been spliced/altered. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. If installed for wired communications, I generally recommend that a Digital Radar Extension Cable and/or Digital Radar Cable be installed rather than a Quantum Power Cable and Quantum Data Cable to avoid having to chase two cables to the radome.
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