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Full Version: [CA11] will Axiom support HyperVision
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Will Axiom support HyperVision? If yes will the Axiom HyperVision use the rv-200 transducer? Why would you release a new and improved fish finding technology for something other than your premium product?
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The Element Fishfinder/Chartplotters are targeted at the smaller boat / single / non-networked display market demographic. More specifically, the 1.2 megahertz HyperVision sonar technology is designed to support operation in depths up to 100’ (30 meters). This places HyperVision sonar technology more specifically into the shallow fresh water and the shallow coastal market demographic rather than the deep fresh water and deep offshore market demographic. The latter market demographic is more applicable RealVision, DownVision, 1kW CHIRP, or 50kHz/200kHz sonar technology. While it is possible that HyperVision may be introduced to the Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs via a sonar module accessory, Raymarine has not yet released any corresponding information to the public.

A product feature request will be logged to consider introduction of a HyperVision sonar module accessory to the Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom MFD product line. Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
is there an update on the axiom getting hyper vision? still doesn't make sense why cheaper element has the better clarity. why no bronze hv transducer ? I need a metal transducer. I'm a commercial shrimper I work from 7ft to 200ft On a 80ft vessel bought the axiom a year ago with a rv200 I have yet to install. we get pulled out of water every 3 years due feb. looking forward to trying out the axiom. gbb
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No further information has yet been communicated regarding Axiom support in Hypervision or for bronze or stainless HV thru-hulls.
I just want to second this suggestion as I imagine I'm hardly the only person who *really* wants to see this so that I can stay with Raymarine.
Hi mattsteg,
At this time, AXIOM will not support Hypervision, but it is on a feature request status for development.
I third support the hypervision on Axiom Lighthouse. As an avid all around fisherman from bay, to inshore, to offshore pelagic fishing, I would want and buy whatever hypervision adapters, black boxes, or cables needed to add hypervision to the Axiom line up. Love my Raymarine/Flir, Its an American company, and love to see Raymarine move way ahead of the competition.
Thank you Fish On,

Points noted and forwarded to the product management team, as previously stated, this is on the roadmap for implementation


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