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Full Version: [CA11] Transducer options
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I recently purchased a ES127 , and a CP 470, that boat has a dsm 300 on board but dated electronics. My boat is a 26' Regulator. I would like to know what is the best transducer option and how they should be connected. I don't see myself fishing in more than 600 ft of water. but is a slim possibility.
Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum RKW68,

Is the boat trailered?
Occasionally, the boat will spend the majority of its time on a boat lift on the Inter coastal waterway. The occasional trailering to go up the coast for tuna and home for winter.

The T70077 B175 MH 20° 1KW CHIRP transducer would be recommended for this application. It supports hulls having 16-24° of deadrise (the Regulator 26 appears to have 24° of deadrise at the transom).
You're welcome.
I looked for the transducer you suggested, I was thinking it was a single transducer but cant find a MH model. I assume that you are talking about 2 separate transducers a B175m and a B175H bot at 20 degrees. If you could please clarify to be sure I am correct.


I was indeed referencing two transducers. The part number which I had supplied includes a medium freq and a high freq transducer and the Y-Cable used to join these transducers to one another. Should you open Raymarine’s web page for CP470/570 Transducers and then click on the Single Element Transducers tab, you will find the T70077 B175 MH 20° 1KW CHIRP transducer listed.
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