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Full Version: [CA11] Engine Data on Axiom Pro
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I did a search and could not find info that I was looking for. If this is a duplicate post I apologize.

I have an Axiom Pro 9 networked to an Axiom Pro. I am interested in taking advantage of the engine data function. What is need in order to get the engine data to the display? This is for a 2000 Proline with a Mercruiser EFI

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum val1717,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. I also have a Mercury EFI (2001 5.7L) w/o SmartCraft technology and have successfully used one of the Fox Marine NMEA 2000 engine gateways (the model will depend upon which model of MEFI unit was installed on your engine). Should your engine feature SmartCraft technology, then Mercury Marine's SmartCraft to NMEA 2000 gateway would likely apply to your engine.
Thank you. It would appear that I have a lot research to do on my end and then find the compatible componants

I'm certain that you will find the owner of Fox Marine very helpful should you need to reach out with any questions. BTW, click here to view the FAQ addressing how one of the Fox Marine engine gateways was installed onboard my own boat. It couldn't have been easier.
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