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I have a small installation ST60 Tridata, ST6002 and SPX5. The SPX5 is connected to 12V power.
I want to extend the installation with an Axiom 7DV and an AIS 650.
Seatalk(1) and Seatlk(Ng) will be connected with Raymarine Sea Talk 1 to Sea Talk NG Conversor Kit.

Will the Axiom get depth and speed data from the ST60 Tridata over the network or do I need additional devices.

Best regards
Hi Terje,

Thank you for your enquiry.

By using the SeaTalk to STng converter the data will be shared between the SeaTalk devices, Depth and Speed from the Tridata and Compass information from the SPX5 with the AXIOM.

More information can be found here

Kind regards
Hi, Derek

Thanks for for you response :-)

Hi Terje

You're welcome
Hi Derek,

The network is up and running. I'm getting AIS data and Tridata on my MFD. The slide-switch Pilotcontroll is not activated. I've been reading some post about the subject. Vary different problems regarding this. The output from SPX-5 is Seatalk(1). Is the solution to disconnect this and connect SPX-5 to the Backbone? Or is the solution to press Track on the ST6002 when i want to give the Axiom control? In this case will the slide-switch Pilotcontrol be acticated?

Best regard
Dear terje_boge,

Thank you for the query.

The Axiom can only control our EVO autopilot range. Due to the age of the SPX-5, the only data that can be shared are waypoints, routes and tracks.
Due to the limiting functions between the Axiom and SPX range, you will not be able to control the autopilot from the Axiom (including basic standby and auto functions). You can still track to a waypoint but it will require you to action the autopilot from the control head.

The only way to gain autopilot control from your Axiom is to update the autopilot system.

many Thanks
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