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Full Version: [CA11] LH3 displays next waypoing in radar app - how to turn off?
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Setup: 2 x es98, 1x Axiom 9, all with LH3, Quantum 1 radar, PC with Coastal Explorer, Evo autopilot.

The PC with Coastal Explorer feeds the autopilot with the next waypoint via NMEA2000 network.

In the LH3 radar app I see a blue square icon representing the next waypoint and a vector this this waypoint (dotted line). While this might be handy sometimes, I'd like to be able to turn it off. But how? I didn't found any suitable setting.

And furthermore, can I display the icon and the vector to the next waypoint in the chart app?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JBuss,

Irrespective of whether navigation was initiated from an external device or from one of the MFD's, the LightHouse 3 v3.8.105 Radar application will display the referenced blue box on the Radar applications's screen to locate the waypoint being navigated to. A feature request will be logged to consider adding a configuration setting to the settings of the Radar application to permit this waypoint symbol to be hidden/visible.

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thank you for the answer. Is it possible to display the waypoint being navigated to in the chart app, too?

My expectation would be that a black dashed course line would be automatically (i.e. not configuration setting need be or is available to cause this action to occur) rendered from the vessel icon to the location of the waypoint being navigated to. I would also expect that the corresponding items of the Data applications Navigation data group would be populated with data associated with the waypoint being navigated to.
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