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Full Version: [CA11] AIS Receiver and AIS Transciever
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I am considering the new Ray90/91 VHF, where the 91 has a built-in AIE receiver and can also be networked to Axiom MFDs.

What if my boat also has an AIS transciever that is NOT networked? Would the Ray91 always be showing an imminent collision with "another" boat which is actually my vessel? I looked through the Ray90/91 docs and did not see any way to self-identify to mask this. For that matter, would this change if I networked the AIS transceiver?

My gut feeling is that if you ever plan to have an AIS transciever, you should make sure than you can turn off the AIS functionality of any other AIS receivers onboard.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Keith,

Vessels should not be equipped with both an AIS receiver and an AIS transceiver, as the former will detect the latter's transmissions. Neither Raymarine's MFDs nor its receivers/transceivers are designed to filter AIS transmissions. Should the vessel be fitted with an AIS transceiver, then it would be recommended that the AIS transceiver be interfaced to the marine electronics system. Should the system additionally have a VHF radio / AIS receiver, then it would be recommended that its AIS features not be enabled.
Thank you Chuck for confirming what I suspected.
You're welcome.
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