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Full Version: [CA11] Sea Floor Bottom Detection/Types.
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Is it possible for Raymarine to have on their next software update sea floor bottom types? Sand, rock, or clay bottom?
Instead of trying to determine what the seafloor is, the sonar can distinguish the difference between the different types of sea floor.
This Will help a lot of fisherman determining how and where to fish. Certain fish like soft sand bottom, other fish like clay bottom, and so on.
This feature will also help eliminate the guesswork on how to fish, scuba dive or swim, and will help competing with other brand competition.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Fish On,

When viewing conical sonar, a harder bottom will be represented to a thinner colored band while a softer bottom will be represented by a thicker band. On water experience with the fishfinding product when operating over different known bottom types is typically the means by which users gain an understanding fishfinder's imaging. Bottom type information may also be found within cartography used within the system. Such cartographic information is typically common in coastal areas.

That said, thanks for product feedback. A corresponding feature request will be logged accordingly to consider this feature for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update as well as that for future MFD and fishfinding products.

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