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Full Version: C125 to RD418HD
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I have a C125 (E70013) MFD application version V16.47-00513 and a RD418HD (E92142) application version 4.27. Both manuals say I should be able to connect them directly via a SeaTalk HS crossover coupler (E55060) However, when connected via the crossover my MFD says "radar not found". When I connect them both to a Raymarine switch I borrowed it works perfectly.

Did I get a bad Seatalk HS crossover coupler new out of the box? Or are these two devices not compatible via direct connection? Trying to troubleshoot before running 45min each way to W**TM****E
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tdreesman,

Based upon the symptoms reported, it would appear that you have a faulty SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler. That said, as the Ethernet sockets of Raymarine's currently manufactured products support auto-sensing, it is not necessary to install a SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler or network switch when interfacing two such products to one another. Accordingly, Digital Radar Cables packaged with Raymarine's currently manufactured radomes and open array pedestals are terminated with a RayNet (F) plug instead of a RJ45 (M) plug as did older Digital Radar Cables. Should your Digital Radar Cable be terminated with a RJ45 (M) plug, then this plug may be mated to any of the following:
- R32142 RJ45 (F) to RJ45 (F) Waterproof Inline Coupler
- E55060 SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler
- SeaTalkhs Network Switch (retired)
- SR6 Sirius Satellite Weather/Radio Receiver / Network Switch
- A80247 RayNet (F) to RJ45 (F) Adapter
Excellent! Thank you for the quick reply. Both of my cables terminate in an RJ45 (M) plug. I will go and exchange the crossover coupler or get one of the other two you recommended and post the results.
You're welcome.
Still not functioning.

Picked up another new SeaTalk hs crossover coupler today (it's what they carry in stock) and still not working. Still works through the switch I borrowed. Cables I'm using are A55078D from the dome to the bottom of the mast and A80159 from the MFD to the mast. I've attached images radar1 and radar2 are when connected to the crossover radar3 is when connected to the switch. Any suggestions?
We're almost out of ideas here. As indicated previously, the Digital Radar Cables terminated with RJ45 (M) plugs may may be interfaced to a SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler, Straight-thru Ethernet Coupler, or Network Switch, which in turn may be interfaced to the MFD via an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RJ45 Cable. To that end, Digital/HD/SuperHD radomes are tested by the Product Repair Center with both a switch and a crossover coupler when testing repairs. Should all variables/hardware remain the same except for the replacement of the crossover coupler with a switch, then attention should be paid to the possibility that one or both of the cables may be intermittent. The cables should be inspected to ensure that they have no obvious signs of damage and that any excess cable has been loosely coiled (3" minimum bend radius) and secured to a bulkhead. Subjecting these cables to a bend radius which is less than has been specified may result in permanent damage to the cable. Should nothing obvious be found with the cable, then a common CAT5 tester may be used to test the cable ... be sure to flex all cables in the area of the RJ45 connectors. Should no fault be found, then it is recommended that the radome and MFD be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced.
Got a pass through connector today and I'm happy to say IT'S WORKING PERFECTLY!!

Thanks for all your quick replies and helpful insight Chuck!
You're welcome.
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