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Full Version: Ghost vessel ( My own ) on AIS list and MFD
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I have a situation where my MFD(s) shows my own (AIS) vessel following behind my GPS vessel.
This seems to be a common problem as it happens on my C Classic MFD fed from a Standard Horizon GX2100 and my E7D fed from an AIS650, and on a friends boat where he has a A65 /Matsutec with the same issue.

Surely the MFD should ignore your own MMSI?? and not bring up dangerous target alarms??

Is there a fix for this?


Hello Bob,

I remember logging an Engineering problem report about this many years ago. The short answer is, it's the AIS receiver's responsibility to filter own-ship data before sending to the MFD, rather than the MFD's to filter this. It's the AIS's responsibility because it's the specialist device with access to all of the relevant information, including own-ship transmissions and MMSI number. We don't want to have the MFD attempt to filter traffic on the basis of incomplete information - what if we filter the wrong target?

On AIS650 specifically, there was a software bug which meant that it failed to filter own-ship data from messages received from shore-based AIS repeater stations (see the details on v1.6 software for AIS650 here.)

Your AIS650 sounds like it needs a software update (latest is v2.02), whilst the same probably applies to the other-brand AISes you and your friend have. You can download AIS650 from the page I linked to above.

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