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Full Version: [CA11] Display Q2 Doppler Targets on Chart Overlay
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I have a new Q2 radar and Axiom MFDs (9 and 12") installed. The radar is connected via Ethernet cable to the displays (via HS switch).

While I can view Doppler targets on the Standalone Radar Application and I can see standard (fixed) target detections in Red / Purple / Black colors when overlaid on the chart application, I cannot see Red / Green Doppler targets when the radar data is overlaid on a chart application. I am using the latest software updates.

Is there a compatibility issue here or is there a setting I have missed somewhere that will allow display of Doppler targets in Red and Green specifically? Do I need to select "Black" radar data to see the Red / Green Doppler detections? Other settings?

Thanks for the help - greatly appreciated.
Dave V
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

The red/green Doppler target imaging which you have referenced may only be viewed within the Radar application at this time. A feature request will be logged to consider the addition of such imaging within the LightHouse 3 Chart application as well.

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