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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom on n2k network with st70
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I have an axiom mfd with lighthouse 3 software, purchased in 2019. It is connected into a seatalk1 , seatalkng, n2k network. things seem to work as expected, with the following two issues.
Under networking > data sources, it will not let me manually select the data source if the st70 is connected to the network. It will allow itself to be selected as the data master, but this seems to have no effect on the ability to select data sources. (Also the st70 is not listed as a choice for data master, but I don't know if it is supposed to be listed, only the axiom is listed.) If the st70 is connected I always get a message that "data source can not be manually selected while st70 in on the network"
If I disconnect the st70, all is well and I can manually select data sources.
I have tried to factory reset the st70, but this does not seem to work. Otherwise the st70 seems to function normally.

All n2k data sources, seem to work fine and display on the axiom such as heading, wind speed & direction, depth, fuel level, etc.

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Don,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Within system featuring instrument pods or iTC-5, the corresponding instrument pod or iTC-5 will be source of data associated with the interfaced instrument transducer.
OK, thanks. This explains it. By the way, I did search, extensively, but as the FAQ does not mention Axiom I never did find the post. thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
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