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Full Version: Circle around boat when zoomed in
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Recently had the motherboard replaced in my HD dome. As you can see from the attached pic, when I zoom all the way on my radar a donut shape circle appears around my boat. When I zoom out the donut goes away. Didn't have this issue with old radar dome. Anyone know which setting might remove this?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

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Sorry about that. Here you go.

[Image: 0CFD5B29-3238-47EE-93A8-A3275DAD2F08.jpg]

Some degree of main bang should be visible, but the circle should be less fully formed than is shown within the photo. Should the radome be installed on the vessel and all of the radar settings be configured to their default/auto settings and the problem persist, then it would appear that there is still a fault with the radome. It would correspondingly be recommended that the Repair Center be contacted to return the radome to correct the pictured fault.
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