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Full Version: [CA11] Multiple MFDs wth 50/200 kHz sonar
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I again have an Axiom RV and eS127 networked. I have the RV-100 connected to the Axiom and a B60 thru-hull connected to the eS127.

Q1 - Can I run the 50/200 kHz sonar at the same time on both units? The thru-hull B60 reads well at speeds so I would like to keep it as my preferred depth source.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum MSjack,

Q. Can I run the 50/200 kHz sonar at the same time on both units?
A. Yes.
OK - was not sure if there would be any interference between the two if they were both set to 200. Or if one needed to be on 50?

Thanks as always.

There's only one 50kHz/200kHz in the system. So displaying the 200kHz channel on both MFDs is simply going to result in the same image being presented on both MFDs. Any changes to the settings (range, gain, etc.) of the 200kHz channel one on of the MFDs is going to be echoed on the other MFD.
Oh OK I thought the RV-100 also had chirp that used the 50/200 signal?

Thanks as always for your quick help.

Negative. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the 200W high frequency CHIRP spectrum supported by RealVision transducers.
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