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I am going to install a Quantum WiFi Radar in conjunction with an existing A78. The instructions recommend connecting the Radar direct to the Battery. The system I am replacing is an old Pathfinder set up, in that system the power went to the MFD and the Radar Cable carried power from the MFD to the Radom. When I installed the A78 I used the existing power feed to the old Pathfinder unit. Would it be better to connect the new Quantum to that same feed? Regardless of the answer to
that question, should the Quantum be run through a switch to ensure it is off, the instructions talk about it going to sleep if not being used, I assume it would stay in sleep mode when not using the boat, is it drawing power in sleep mode?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Gary,

Contrary to what you have read within the manual, it is recommended that radomes and open array pedestals be powered from a dedicated power circuit, permitting power to the radomes and open array pedestal to be switched ON/OFF without affecting the power state of the system's other marine electronics devices. These products should not be connected directly to the vessel's batteries. By heeding this recommendation, the radome may be awakened from sleep mode without affecting the systems other products and will not draw current (as little as may be required for sleep mode) when not being used.
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