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Howdy all Raymariners.

I've just gotten the Element 7 (the first in South Africa I believe).

Very excited to see what this unit is capable of.

I am an avid spearfisherman and am interested to see how the Chirp, downvision and hypervision translates to structure that I can dive and look at. I think this will be a game changer for my diving and in finding that small spot where the fish will [censored] up.

I am going to be scanning for now, up to 40m as I'm capable of diving to that depth.

A quick question though, am I able to implement RealBathy without any charting maps as none of the available maps cover South Africa.
Dear Cylco,

Thank you for your query.

The Realbathy we offer on Element will continue to work without a Lighthouse chart card in the unit. However, do consider that when creating bathymetric charts in tidal waters you will need tidal data from a chart card for the corrections to be made.

In non-tidal areas and lakes, you can create bathymetric charts without a need for a chart card.

Many Thanks
Thanks Louise,

Yeah, I figured out the Bathy function. Very nifty.

Now another bug, I cannot seem to get name labels to show of my way points on the GPS display.

I have gone through every setting imaginable and cannot seem to find a setting to display the allocated name/number of any of my waypoints.

It leads me to think that this functionality is not available on the unit, which makes absolutely no sense. I have hundreds of waypoints depicting specific caves/ledges pinnacles etc and going into the way point menu to find a given way point is tedious and cumbersome.

Please tell me I'm missing something rather that the most basic of GPS functionality is missing on the unit.
Dear cyclo,

Thank you for the response.

Currently you cannot opt for the waypoint labels to be visible on the chart next to the icon. To see the waypoint label, you will be required to hover the cursor over the waypoint icon and the details will be displayed in a text box.

Having spoken with our software team, this feature is due to come out in a software release a little later this year.

Many Thanks
Hi Louise, Yes. I have received an email from the tech guys affirming the feature availability in the next or so update due soon.

Thanks. I really appreciate the response from Raymarine. It's almost a shock to get a reply and action so quickly.
You are welcome.
I am going to get an ICOM M330 VHF Radio. I can either get the radio with GPS or connect to my Element via NMEA.

Obviously the second option will be a bit cheaper in that I don't need the GPS module for the radio.

However; am I able to purchase a plug to which I can connect wires that fits into the raymarine NMEA interface?

If not, How do I join? Is it possible with a non Raymarine brands?
Dear cyclo,

Thank you for your post.

If you wish to send the GPS fix from the Element to the VHF on NMEA0183, you have purchase our STng to NMEA0183 converter (part no. E70196). This will convert the STng to NMEA0183 but GPS data only.

The converter will form part on the STng backbone.

Many Thanks
Hello Louise,
Like Cyclo, I'm a spearo too, and I'm considering replacing my old MFD (a Dragonfly 5.7"), upgrading to the new Element 7HV.
The feature (which I deem essential) of the waypoint labels shown close to the waypoint icons on the chart is neither available on the Dragonfly, which is very limiting and has been causing me quite many hassles, as I have many WPs saved and often need to identify them at a glance.
So, now that I'm about to replace my old Dragonfly, the presence of this feature is a crucial discriminating factor for the purchase of the new product. Has this feature been added in a recent software release for new Element MFD series, or is it still to come? In such a case, do you know when ?

Thanks in advance. Tano
Dear Tano,

Thank you for your post.

You can view the waypoint name on the chart in the current version of Lighthouse Sport on the Element. For instructions on how to edit and change the waypoint details, please refer to the manual available to download here.

Many Thanks
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