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Full Version: [LW11] Dual Axiom 9 GPS Question
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I have 2 Axiom 9s linked together and was wondering if under the GPS settings should I only use the internal GPS on one unit or is it ok for both to be on? Thanks
Dear sspivey2005,

Thank you for your query.

You should only have one source of GPS as this will cause conflicting data on your network and cause discrepancies i.e boat icon jumping around.

I would use the GPS antenna that has the clearest view of the sky as the GPS source, generally this would be the MFD on the flybridge, the one in the saloon would be turned off.

Many Thanks
Thanks very much! Now all we need is support for Mavic 2 drones :)
Dear sspivey2005,

You will be pleased to know in our recent Lighthouse 3 Annapolis release, we now support the following drones;

DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom

Please refer to our website for further information, this can be found here.

Best Regards
Thanks so much! So glad I chose Raymarine and glad to guys continue to innovate.
You are welcome.
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