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Full Version: [CA11] Connecting New Quantum with Old Cables
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Hi - i recently upgraded from a C80 with Radar to an Axiom9. I understand that there is a kit which allows you to re-use the old wire harness to the new Quantum series. Do you have more detail on that kit - does it include adapters for both the radome end and the plotter end?

Also - if i use wireless for radar, does that cosume more power at the radome end and the plotter end?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Birdman,

The adapter which you have referenced is not applicable to the radar cables which would have been mated a C-Series Classic MFD. That said, it is possible to splice the power leads of a Quantum power cable may be spliced to the power leads of the currently installed radar cable if seeking to not chase the Quantum radome's power cable. Naturally, this option would not support wired communications with the Quantum radome. If seeking to chase a single combination power/communications cable, then it would be recommended that the currently installed radar cable be replaced with a Digital Radar Cable. Raymarine has not specified the power consumption of Quantum radomes which have been interfaced to the system via Wi-Fi vs cabled communications. That said, the additional power consumption should be considered negligible.
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