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Full Version: Transducer selection
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I am also using the Airmar B 744V thru hull transducer. When I went to the set up menu and it was "searching" for a transducer, none came up and the system would not let me enter my own information. Any ideas of what is happening here? I am NOT using a "chirp" sounder, just the B744 connected to the E66066 adapter cable directly to the e127 hybrid display.

Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tony,

It is recommended that you open a full screen Fishfinder application page. After doing so, execute the command sequence MENU->CHANNEL->INTERNAL SOUNDER tab. Then touch the 200 kHz frequency option (will be highlighted in orange to denote the selection. The screen will then revert to the Fishfinder application screen. Execute the command sequence MENU->SET-UP->TRANSDUCER SET-UP->TRANSDUCER->B744V/B744VL/SS... . Nothing more need be done to the use this system as a Fishfinder. Should a problem with the fishfinder persist, then please respond and indicate which, if any, of the above listed items could not be executed and the symptoms of the problem.
Thank you, heading back to the boat in a week and will give this a shot!
You're welcome.
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