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Full Version: SR50-100 / Duel Classic E-Series / Sirius Charter Package
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Hello new forum, I really like what you guys have done!

I have the above configuration with all the latest software updates installed. A few years back the service stopped giving me alerts, weather watch box, Marine Zone Forecast, wave heights local forecast and wind direction / forecast. All other advertised functions work fine including storm tracking and sea temp data onshore and offshore and weather buoy data is accurate.

Everything worked fine new up until a few years back. Is there a reason I cannot get access to all Sirius weather services in the Charter package any longer? What changed?

I saw a reference on the old forums to upgrade to the SR150 then select the new packages Sirius offers. Not sure why I should have to do that?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ken,

Please note that the SR50 is not compatible with E-Series Classic MFDs. It is recommended that you verify that the features specified have been configured on within your system. When an E-Series Classic MFD (updated with v5.69 software) has been interfaced a SR100 (updated with latest software) which has been updated with the latest software has been interfaced to your MFD and a Charter SiriusXM Marine Weather Charter subscription, the system should support the items which you have indicated. Please note that it may be necessary to configure other weather graphics layers off when viewing wave height, wave period, and sea surface temperature weather graphics layers. Should the problem persist, then please specify the version of software installed within your SR100 (MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS->EXTERNAL INTERFACES->SIRIUS WEATHER->SDR SOFTWARE VERSION).
Hi Chuck,

I was on the boat and checked out the versions.

SR100 - version
DSM300 (CP300)- version 3.28
E120s - version 5.52
Open array 4kw Scanner - version 11.00

With this configuration what SW needs to be installed to get the full functionality back on my system? What are the latest SW versions for each module and how do I get everything current if it will solve this and some odd random reboot problems I have at times.


The number provided for the SR100 is its IP Address, not its SDR Software Version ... please see the command sequence provided within my initial response for how to obtain this information. Additionally, you MFD has not been updated with the final E-Series Classic MFD software update (v5.69) and it is recommended that its software be updated accordingly.
Thanks Chuck, I appreciate your responsiveness! I will get the e120 updated to v5.69 but looking at the enhancements they seemed minimal. I will check the SR100 code per your instructions. For the SR100, what is the latest code and can a Raymarine authorized tech update it? I was reading that it needed to be shipped back for updating.

I just want to be assured that updating all the SW that all my Weather features will work as described.


Raymarine recommends that its products be maintained with the latest software updates. I can only confirm that when operating with the latest software, the system has been verified to support the Sirius Marine Weather graphics which you have identified to not be functioning on your system. While a Certified Raymarine Installer may be able to update the SR100's software, it is generally recommended that this easily removable component be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be updated.
Ok will do... Can you confirm the latest software version for the SR100 and how I can download it? If I have a tech at the boat loading the e120 update to v5.69 I prefer they update both but if it is highly recommended to send to the PRC I will do that. Do you suggest I update the e120 first and see if I get the weather service back in order? Is the problem I am having typically resolved having v5.69 installed or has it been attributed to the SR100 software?

I can't recall any specific reports of the same symptoms. The nature of software is that it will behave in the same manner when supplied with the same stimulus. As the software within your equipment is not current and our system with the latest software is functioning properly, the fault would appear to be within the software as long as the MFD's Weather application page is reporting that the SR100 is getting HIGH satellite signal strength. Low signal strength and/or insufficient time for the receiver to buffer data (up to 1 hr to buffer all data) may also be responsible for the reported symptoms. Low/Medium signal strength associated with an antenna having an unobstructed view of the skies overhead may be indicative of a problem with the antenna, its cable, or the receiver of the SR100 itself.

The final SR100 SDR software version was SDR20070752118. Certified Raymarine Installers have access to the Raymarine Dealer Portal, where this software may be downloaded. Should the installer be visiting the boat, the it would be worthwhile to have him update the SR100's software as well.
Thank you, I will let you know if the updates solve the problem.
You're welcome.
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