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Full Version: [CA11] RD218 connection - crimp or solder?
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I purchased a used RD218, and the previous owner cut the cable to the connector at the array.

I have purchased a new connector that came with new pins, and I'm wondering if I should just crimp the wires to the small pin connectors that go into the black data connector on the array, or if I should solder these?

The pins are really small so it is hard to get the crimps to stay, but I'd like to do it in what ever way will yield the best results.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum YoBub,

When Raymarine manufactured or repairs radar cables for radomes having analog video interfaces, the pins of the cable's molex connector are crimped onto the cable's leads. A tool which is specially designed for the molex connectors pins is used for this purpose. If considering to solder the cable's wires to the molex connector's pins, then care should be exercised to not apply too much heat or risk melting the insulation of the cable's leads.
Thanks Chuck. I bought the molex crimping too. In the process of crimping I ruined a few (OK about 10), and I'd like to just buy additional pins rather than the pin and connector set.

Do you know the specs of the pins so I can try to just find the pins without the connector?

Unfortunately, I don't have the requested information at my disposal and would recommend that another R126 Molex plug be purchased to address this need.
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