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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 12RV, Can’t upgrade to LHIII 3.9.46
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Having trouble updating firmware. I have tried downloading wirelessly directly to the unit and additionallly downloading and extracting to a MicroSD card via a PC. Both ways result in errors.

Both ways I get...

Error 256: Package integrity Check failed. Please confirm the files are not corructed. Installation aborted.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum dtfeld,

The reported error message is indeed indicative of corruption of the software update files which have been either downloaded via Wi-Fi to the MFD and stored onto the microSD memory card or have been copied to the microSD memory card. This message may also be indicative of a problem with the microSD memory card itself. In such cases, it would be recommended that a microSD memory card having at least 4GB of free memory be used for updating the MFD's software. You may also want to consider trying to reformat the microSD memory card (don't do this to a chart card) (a FAT32 file system is recommended for microSD memory cards having a capacity of 32GB or less. You may also want to try another microSD memory card of at least 4GB capacity as well. Should the problem persist, then please respond accordingly.
Still have the ERROR 256 message for the MFD upgrade. With this same card, I was able to upgrade my Quantum 2 radome and the wired network (although I had to do each separately and reboot).

Would it be a a good idea to wipe the cache partition?

Q. Would it be a a good idea to wipe the cache partition?
A. If there is at least 4GB of free space remaining on the microSD memory card, then your suggestion to wipe the cache partition may indeed be worth trying. It would also be recommended that you consider executing the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option from this same menu. Finally, should the microSD memory card not be a chart card, then you may want to additionally consider reformatting the microSD memory card and then re-populating it with the entire contents of the downloaded LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 compressed folder.
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