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Full Version: [LW11] Connecting Speed Temp Transducer to ST60+
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I have a retractable transducer (ST8000, I think) I want to connect to a ST60+ instrument. They don't seem to connect directly. Do I need to go through an intermediary device, like a transducer pod? Also, I plan to connect both to a Seatalk NG network with a MFD at some point. What do I need to get the transducer and ST60+ talking to each other?
Dear kdidriksson,

What manufacturer is the ST8000 transducer?

What St60+ instrument are you trying to connect this to?

We have never had a transducer known as the ST8000 only the ST800. It is probably not a compatible transducer for the ST60+ and the ST60+ has never had a transducer POD.

Many Thanks
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