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Full Version: [LW11] Seatalk1 to Seatalkng and Axiom 7, I70s MFD
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Previous setup:
ST60+ and ST50 instruments connected with SPX5 Course computer.
i70s MFD connected to SPX 5 with A06047 Seatalk1 to Seatalkng converter cable.
This works fine.

New situation:
Same equipment but Axiom 7 added.
Seatalkng backbone with E22158 converter kit.
Axiom 7 and i70s MFD connected via backbone.

I used the A06047 cable to connect to the SPX5 (red lead not connected).

Axiom 7 works and also displays Seatalk1 data.
Power spur cable connected to battery. Led indicator E22158 shows both seatalkng and seatalk1 are healthy.

i70s does not power up.

Q: Could the A06047 cable be the problem and should I use the converter cable supplied with the E22158 kit and connect this cable to the SPX5? Or is something else causing the problem with the i70s?
Dear Rob Vink,

Can you provide a system diagram, only needs to be a sketch.

Did you cut the A06047? Where does the STng plug in to?

Many Thanks
Dear Louise,
I found out that the i70s is dead. I took it to my dealer and they connected it to a Seatalkng network.

I did cut the A06047 and connected it the SPX5 (not the red lead).
I do see Seatalk1 data on my Axiom 7 so that's ok I think.

The i70s is sent for repair.

Best regards,
Thank you for the update.
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