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Full Version: [CA11] Hard Wire Axiom Pro, to TV. Proper SD Card
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Several Questions;
-1; Which port would I connect to the back of my Axiom Pro 16 Rvx1000 to HDMI Port on my cockpit TV? Don't see an HDMI, or USB port. Want to "hard wire" Axiom Pro, to cockpit TV. Dongle won't last in the salty marine environment.
-2; Other MFD, Which Port can I connect the other Axiom Pro 16rvx1000, via wireless dongle to another hi def tv in my salon.
-3; There are 2 micro SD ports on each axiom pro Rvx1000.
-4; Is there a SD card manufacturer or type that Raymarine prefer's?
-5; What is the maximum size card that can, and should be used in each port?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Fish On,

Unlike the Axiom XL 16, the Axiom Pro MFDs do not feature a video output port. Additionally, no device supporting communications between the MFD and the TV need be interfaced to the MFD. The MFD is designed to communicate via Miracast wireless communications with a Miracast dongle which will be connected to the TV's HDMI port. As communications is between individual MFDs and a Miracast dongle, it should be possible for the image from more than one MFD to be repeated on the vessel's TVs. This feature is discussed in detail within Chapter 5.12 Connecting to a wireless display of the LightHouse 3.9 Advanced Operation Instructions.

Questions 3 and 4 are addressed in detail within Chapter 4.7 Memory card compatibility of the LightHouse 3.9 Advanced Operation Instructions.
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