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Full Version: [CA11] Head up on Simple Chart View
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While underway and viewing the detailed Navionics chart in the Head-up orientation the unit works great. However if I change the chart to simple mode the unit will change to the North-up orientation without any ability to change it back to Head up. Does anyone have any information on this. I'd like to always have my charts in the Head up position.

I am using an Axiom 12in MFD.

Thank you!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Triple P,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the vessel be fitted with source of heading data, then it should be possible to switch in and out of head-up mode irrespective of whether the vessel is moving. However, should the system not feature a source of heading data and therefore be dependent upon GPS COG for orienting the chart, then it would not be possible to switch the system into Head up chart orientation until the vessel was underway and making way at a speed of approximately 2kts. Should the system include a source of heading data, then please identify the make/model of product which is supplying heading data to the system. Please additionally specify the version of software which is currently installed within the MFD (HOME->SETTINGS).
Chuck, thanks for your reply as only. Everything balanced out nicely after using the boat for a bit. I did have to go to navigation page, Settings, Units and adjusted "manual variation" where I was able to change the direction of the boat icon. Net Net everything is lining up nicely now. The boat Icon and all three indicators of course direction is spot on. Richie Compass, P70 control head and Axiom 12 in displays.

Thank you for your assistance.
Hi Triple P

Thanks for the feedback,

much appreciated
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