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Full Version: [CA11] Radar software upgrade
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So I have Axiom XL16, Quantum 2 Doppler, FLIR Camera, and couple others devices connected to the XL 16.
When I do online updates for thru the XL 16 all the equipment updates fine except the radar. Here's my problem.
To do the upgrades the XL 16 tells me to put the radar & auto pilot in sleep mode before you can move any further in the upgrade. When the downloaded finished the radar fails to upgrade because its not on.
Went back made several attempts at this upgrade but no success
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

What version of software is presently installed within the system's Axiom MFD(s)?
presently - XL 16 is 3.9.46
presently - Radar v2.36

Radar new version v2.43

The radar unit is hard wired to XL 16

Raymarine has since identified a flaw in the LH3 v3.9.46 software which will prevent the MFD from installing the latest Quantum or Quantum 2 software. For those who will be updating to LH3 v3.9.46, it is presently recommended that the software within the system's MFDs not be updated until each of the peripherals requiring a software update have in turn been updated. Upon completion of the software update to the peripherals, the software within the system's MFDs may be updated. As a workaround, all repeating MFDs may be switched OFF, and the Data Master MFD's software may be downgraded to LightHouse 3 v3.8.105 via a microSD memory card to perform the software update to the Quantum or Quantum 2 radome. Raymarine expects to correct this limitation within the LightHouse 3 v3.10.x software update.
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