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Is it possible to purchase an Axiom Pro bundled with the new Raymarine LNC2 charts?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mannery,

While it may be possible within the foreseeable future to purchase an Axiom Pro MFD which has been bundled with LightHouse NC2 charts, Raymarine is not presently offering such bundles. However, as indicated within the thread found here, these chart cards will soon be available to be purchased/ordered from an authorized Raymarine dealer.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I noted the below quote in a comparison chart from Raymarine of various MFD's

"Raymarine Realbatthy (Requires Raymarine LNC2 Charts)"

Is this true?

Can I not use the Realbatthy feature if I do not have the LNC2 charts installed?

Yes. Per Chapter 8.9: RealBathy of the LightHouse 3.9 Advanced Operation Instructions:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2926]
Speaking to a Raymarine phone tech service rep he stated that Realbathy data can not be stored on NC2 cards.

I also noted a similar statement above in the requirements section. One must have a NC2 chart card AND a "MicroSD card with sufficient free space to record depth and bathymetry data"

If the following are true then I do not see how one can use Realybathy on an Axiom MFD

1. Must have NC2 card
2. Realybathy data can not be stored on NC2 card
3. Must have a separate MicroSD card to store Bathy data
4. Axiom has only 1 card slot.

Please advise.

Q1. Speaking to a Raymarine phone tech service rep he stated that Realbathy data can not be stored on NC2 cards.
A1. You have been advised incorrectly. Raymarine has placed no restrictions on saving Realbathy data to a LightsHouse NC2 chart card. Also as indicated within the FAQ found here, although RealBathy Custom, Live Contour Creation is supported with any LightHouse charts, when the system features a LightHouse NC2 chart card, these contours will be adjusted for tidal conditions experienced when the sonar data was logged.
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