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Full Version: 0.5 L pump install questions
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I'm finally to the point of being able to install my pump, and I am running in to issues trying to get adapters / T fittings in sizes that will work with my system. I also want to make sure that I am T-ing in at the correct spots. I guess we will start with figuring out where to locate the pump in the system and once that is figured out move on to finding the correct connectors.

My boat is an older SeaRay, a 1977 SRV 240 SDB. I has two helms, one on the fly bridge and one in the cabin cockpit. From what I can tell, it appears that the fly bridge helm pump is just 3 lines, Left, Right, and reservoir. Then it looks like the reservoir port comes back down from the fly bridge helm pump to an additional port on the cabin helm pump. The cabin helm pump has a Left, Right, and reservoir port on it, along with the additional port that the flybridge reservoir port is connected to. It appears that the Left and right lines then travel back towards the engine compartment from the cabin helm pump and T in with the fly bridge helm pump, then continue on towards the engine compartment. The reservoir line from the cabin helm pump appears to just go straight on through to the engine compartment.

In the engine compartment, the lines then go to a Uniflow valve that is mounted just above the steering ram in the engine compartment. On the bottom of the Uniflow valve, two lines come out and connect to either side of the steering ram.

There is a diagram in the pump install manual that shows a check valve on a 3 line system that is pretty much upside down compared to the Uniflow valve. In that example, it's two lines in and 3 lines out, where as in my situation, it's 3 lines in and 2 lines out to the Ram. The concept seems similar, but I want to make sure I'm connecting at the right places.

My thought is, T in the pump Left Right ports in between the Uniflow valve and the ram, then T in the reservoir line on the pump above the Uniflow valve so the T would be between the reservoir port on the cabin helm pump and the Uniflow valve.

I'm going to attach a couple of sketched diagrams that may help illustrate the current situation. Please forgive my terrible drawing skills and hand writing.


I would agree with the explanation and diagrams you have provided that you are correct in the way the autopilot pump should be plumbed into your hydraulic steering system.
OK. Next question is really about the fittings. The fittings on my hydraulic lines are all some strange 5/16 compression fitting I haven't come across before.

Does Raymarine supply or recommend T fittings at all? I need to T in to 1/4 NPT to get to the pump.

Hose Fitting:

Uniflow Valve:
Raymarine does not supply T's for hydraulic fittings at all, the pump comes with adapter fittings for the 1/4 BSP to NPT fittings. We don't recommend fittings, we would refer you to your favorite Marine Dealer who sell hydraulic systems.
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