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Full Version: [CA11] Size replacement for C80
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My buddy has a C80 mounted IN dash (Flush) of his Mainship M/Y. he is looking at upgrading to a new MFD. is there any Raymarine MFD's that would fit into the same mounting area that the C80 is currently in?
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum unixdood,

It would typically be recommended that an Axiom 9 or Axiom 9RV MFD be considered as a replacement for C80 MFD. The installation template these MFDs (also includes dimensional data for the MFD's cutout and footprint) may be found here. Raymarine also now offers the A80564 C80/E80 to Axiom 9 Adapter Plate. Please additionally click here to view a FAQ addressing replacement of a C-Series Classic MFD with an Axiom MFD.
Thanks for the reply! Ill grab that setup then!
You're welcome.
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