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Full Version: position alignment
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I was wondering if the position alignment for the 72" array can be used with the 48" array . I believe that it stops the array in the same position each time the unit is shut down but i'm not sure . Some people call it auto park . Any help with this would be great. Thanks , Jim
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jim,

Configuring the park angle of the open array is not a function of the length of the array, but is instead a function of the model of MFD and whether the radar pedestal features an analog or digital (Ethernet) video interface. Correspondingly, please specify the model of MFD and open array radar pedestal in question.
Sorry Chuck , senior moment . The mfd is a e120 classic and the pedestal is a m92654s . Thanks for any help . Jim
When operating with v5.69 software in an E-Series Classic MFD and the radar scanner configured to NOT be transmitting, the park offset is adjusted via the command sequence MENU->RADAR SETUP->SCANNER SETUP->PARKING OFFSET.
Chuck , thanks for the info . Jim
You're welcome.
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