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Full Version: [CA11] Difference between Sirius receiver 150 and 200
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Good morning,

Just saw the announcement of the new 200 receiver. Can you tell me the difference between the two? I currently have a 150 viewed through an axiom pro 12. One thing I don't like about it is the quality of graphics. Used to own garmin 7612's with sirius and the quality of the graphics was much better and I'm to understand that since the sirius signal is all the same, the difference was in the rendering software on the receiver.

Have the graphics been improved on the 200 or additional capabilities added? Thanks.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum avetjx,

Raymarine's MFDs are designed to display weather information in the resolution supplied by the provide (SiriusXM / NavCAST). NOWRAD weather within these systems is intended to be viewed at a regional range level. When ranged very close in as shown within your photos, the appearance of the NOWRAD will take on a pixelated appearance indicating the limits of the supplied data. Unlike some of Raymarine's competitors, Raymarine MFDs do not employ smoothing algorithms to NOWRAD and other weather features. While use of such algorithms may improve the appearance of the weather data, it may also mislead the operator concerning resolution of the data and the actual weather detected at any specific location.

As no change to the resolution of the weather transmitted the SiriusXM / NavCAST) or received by the SR200 has occured, the graphical performance of the LightHouse 3 SiriusXM satellite weather feature, whether served by a SR200 or SR150, should be identical. No new weather features have been introduced as a result of the introduction of the SR200 other than support for this receiver within LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 for Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs.

Thanks very much for the fast and detailed response. Can you let me know then what the difference between the 150 and 200 unit's are? Why was the new unit produced? Are there any new features supported that are not supported on the 150? Thanks again.


The SR200 was simply introduced because the supplier of the SR150 developed a new satellite weather receiver which it could more easily make common to all of the marine electronics manufacturers which offered products supporting SiriusXM marine weather. Per my earlier response, no new weather features have been introduced as a result of the introduction of the SR200.
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