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Full Version: updating rs 130 gps firmware
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I have a sailboat with all raymarine components with 2 e127's 1 70 instruments,p 70 autopilot with spx computer, ais 650,sr6 weather,hd color digital radar,itc 5,stng converter.All software has been updated to the latest versions except the gps rs 130.I have downloaded the update files to 2 separate micro sd cards at the root level.The bootloader and autorun files are on the first card and the 3.03 package and autorun files are on the second.When i put the bootloader in the mfd and turn it on it simply starts up and does not recognize the card as a software update and simply starts normally.If i go to the maintainence menu and look for devices the rs 130 is recognized and listed with its current software version.
I also tried doing this with wifi and the system states that no software update is available even though the rs 130 is on the device list with the previous 2.20 version.
Should i try the 3.03 pkg without doing the bootloader ?
The gps is functioning normally as configured presently
Many thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Alan,

Raymarine has identified and will be correcting a problem with the autorun files included with the Raystar 130 software update download. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject and providing a temporary solution.
I am still trying to update the rs 130 gps firmware on my system using e 127 with v 16.47.As you suggested I replaced the autorun files with the temporary fix versions as per your last response using 2 separate cards on with the 1.15 bootloader and one for the v 3.03 package each with the corrected autorun files.The mfd fails to recognize the card as a software update and boots up normally to the lighthouse screen accept prompts etc.What am I doing wrong.

The Raystar 130 GPS Sensor's software update web page has been corrected to include a software update download file that now contains the correct autorun files. This file must be downloaded to your computer, opened, and the file found therein copied/extracted and then pasted into the root level directly of the microSD memory card. The card should then be placed into the un-powered Data Master MFD's memory card reader and then the MFD should be switched ON. Should boot up normally instead of running the software update, then the MFD either has a bad memory card reader slot or the chart card is not compatible with the MFD. The MFD's reader slots would typically be tested by testing them with a compatible chart card, attempting to perform screen capture, backing up waypoint/route/track data to a microSD memory card reader within the slot. Should the MFD's memory card reader be determined to have suffered a failure of one or more of its microSD reader slots, then the MFD may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced. If sending the MFD to the Repair Center, then you may also want to sent the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor along with it.
thanks will try again
The new downloads worked perfectly.
You're welcome.
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